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SID tunes

Post by Banjo » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:21 am

Everyone but the Gov will agree that SIDs are amazing. Yay.

I'll open with the Driller loader theme:

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Re: SID tunes

Post by Android » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:53 pm

SIDs are amazing. I mentioned The Last Ninja in the other post because I think most of its tracks are superb. I also remember the tune from 1942 fondly. And Gianna Sisters, of course. And plenty others I'm probably forgetting.

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Re: SID tunes

Post by sunface » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:03 am

Here is my liveblog of the Driller loader theme:

0:05: Hmm, sounds. The C64 never really had great sounds. Except for Impossible Mission. Did I mention that I have a C64 Mini and played that game, and finished it? Two words: Save States.
0:27: Oh, sounds, kind of like an 8-bit plane taking off, as programmed by someone who has never heard or seen a plane.
0:38: Yeah yeah yeah! Here's where the shit lands. Right in your fucking ears. The SHIT IS LANDING IN YOUR FUCKING EARS AND YOU'LL LIKE IT! TURN IT UP!!!
1:06: At this point I'm considering having this song played at my funeral. It's foreboding and suggestive that this guy dying is a really bad thing for America. I'm not even American.
1:45: What the fuck, just when I thought I knew this song, it goes and does this. Incredible. Some 1980s Commodore composer was out to make a name for himself. And that name is "Turdburglar", but he never knew why.
2:52: I just realized this song goes on for almost 9 minutes. I'm getting a little bored. I'm going to stop live blogging and take a 30 minute break and come back and see where the song is.
3:07: Just kidding.
4:02: Oh I love the bendy music notes that the C64 could do. This really is a lot like Last Ninja at this point. But this song has changed again. I'd like to hire this guy to write me a song, because he'll give me like an entire album. This makes good economic sense.
4:53: Song is getting quiet. I wonder if it could be that it goes in another direction again. As long as that driving beat is there, I will be too.
5:15: This is getting heavy. I don't know what Driller even is, but this makes me want to play it because I assume I'd have a literal orgasm 5:15 in. Not that this just happened in my pants.
5:50: This is dope.
6:30 is the point where I realized there hadn't been drums in this track. I realized this when the drums came in. I was sitting at my kitchen counter, on my laptop, listening to this. When did I get on my feet? Where did my pants go? Why am I dancing? Where did this bear come from? No time to type, fuckers, Driller is in my head.
7:30: I'm imagining lyrics to this song. "Driller, driller! Driller, driller! Driller, driller! He's the driller, he's the man, he's gonna drill, if he can!" There's a reason I went into law instead of song writing.
8:12: Coming into the finale, I'm legit curious how this one ends. I can only assume the devil is going to show up and scream about my soul, which now belongs to Turdbuglar.

Bravo! I gotta say, that song was pretty fucking great.

Rating: 8 out of 5.

How about Commando?

I remember seeing a video about this track and how it simulates more than 3 voices (which I think is the SID limit, or maybe it's 3 voices plus a digitized voice? I could Google this. Anyway, it does this by including beats that kind of appear for a split second and then are replaced with another sound, so 3 voices end up hearing like 6 voices. Might not be the best song ever, but from a technical perspective maybe it is.
This post should now end this thread due to its definitive embodiment of the subject.

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