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Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:00 pm
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The Warriors: A set from Coney Island. Formed by Cleon, a former Destroyer, out of dissatisfaction with the reigning Coney gang The Destroyers and their lack of vision and focus on getting wasted. The Warriors are meant to party just as hard as any other set, but bring more respectability and discipline to the streets. Their combat ability is up to you.

The Saracens: One of the more noble outfits. Formed out of a group of the sons of persecuted Middle Eastern immigrants and revolving around Bensonhurst, The Saracens seek to be a refuge for anyone lower down the scale. It was also formed as reaction against the persecution of the types of families who form The Jones Street Boys. Their combat ability is high. They fight in a very disciplined and precise style and train in spare time.

The Jones Street Boys: The rich kid gang, formed very recently initally just as a cheap thrill to imitate the fad of gangs, they became more serious when they realised that depending on their influence in the streets they could decide what flew in their neighbourhoods. They work on the Dyker Heights side of Bensonhurst. Their combat ability is mixed- some are pathetic but others are quite athletic or trained in boxing. Their money also gives them an edge on other gangs.

The Destroyers: Pretty much in tatters after an epic clash with The Warriors that built up for over a year and exploded in the death of Warrior Ash and Destroyer leader Virgil, who was personally burned to death by Cleon. A few remnants exist lurking in the shadows of Eastern Coney and though the gang is one of the most powerless these days their desire to smash The Warriors burns brightest, upping their danger factor. Their combat ability ranges from mixed to low- they lack form and discipline but have a few bruisers in their ranks.

The Riffs: Coming out of Gramercy, The Riffs were formed in the 50's by street poets and alternative intellectuals who theorised that real, immediate change in society would be best brought about by control of neighbourhood streets. Music, poetry and discussion feature much more highly on this gang's agenda than others but they understand that violence is sometimes called for to keep destructive groups at bay and the affection and respectability many have for The Riffs has attracted some real fighters. They are one of the most numerous gangs, being one of the few that will accept almost anybody as long as they are down the vision, foregoing brawn/crime accomplishments and nasty initiations. They train seriously in martial arts, giving them high combat ability.

That's five and enough to keep us going for now. More later as events warrant.


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